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Lanzhou Zhongke: sft-2m pin-disc friction and wear tester

A Function:

The test device is used to test the friction and wear properties of the material and material surface coating。 can provide a wide range of load and rotation speed。 Can carry on the ball-disk, the bolt (PIN)-disk, the plate-disk's different friction pair test, by the computer automatically detects in the different friction mode, the material friction coefficient, the grinding mark depth and the abrasion resistance and carries on the graph display。 The device is equipped with automatic stop protection, easy operation and high measurement precision。

Two Technical index:

Load range: 0。3~1n, 1~10n, 10~200n (30g~20kg) Precision 0。1 N

Rotational speed: 200~2800rpm (continuous adjustable)

X-axis Move Distance: 0~25mm

Z-axis move distance: 0~100mm

Friction diameter adjustable: φ3~φ50mm

Lower specimen size: φ8~φ60mm thickness: 0.5~30mm

Sample size: ф3~ф6mm ball or bolt, bolt length 10~15mm (can be processed according to user's request)

Friction Measurement range: 0~100n

Measurement accuracy of friction coefficient: 0.2% Fs

Grinding Mark Depth Measurement range: ±0.5mm Precision 0.2µm (can change the measurement range according to user's requirement)

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