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Brief Introduction to Function of WTM - 2E Controlled Atmosphere Micro - friction Testing Machine

Controllable Atmosphere Micro Friction Tester

The WTM-2E controlled atmosphere micro-friction and wear tester in a controlled atmosphere micro-friction tester is a test device designed to test the tribological properties of various coatings or solid lubricating materials. Can be in different components of the ambient atmosphere or low vacuum state of the bolt - disk or ball - disk two groups of different friction test test. The tester consists of high sensitivity loading and friction measurement system, sample rotation platform and motor drive mechanism, precision X direction displacement platform, precision lifting bracket, computer automatic control system。 To achieve automatic data acquisition, real-time display of the friction coefficient of the curve. High precision, easy to operate。

Technical index of WTM-2E controlled atmosphere micro friction and wear tester in controlled atmosphere micro-friction tester

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