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WS-2005 type coating adhesion automatic scratches measurement method!


Scratching in the WS-2005-type coating adhesion automatic scratches is the use of acoustic emission and friction detection technology, automatically detect the surface of the material a variety of hard or soft coating and substrate bonding strength. The method was established in 1997 by the Ministry of Machinery Industry of the People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard (JB / T85541997)。

Scratching instrument in the WS-2005 type coating adhesion automatic scratches the measurement method:

1. Acoustic emission measurement method 2. Friction measurement method 3. Static pressure measurement method

4. Constant load measurement method 5. Conductivity measurement method (optional)

Technical Specifications for Automatic Scratching of WS - 2005 Coating Adhesion in Scratch

Scratching in the WS-2005 type coating adhesion automatic scratches is a computer-controlled multi-function tribological performance testing equipment, coating samples or small parts of the film-based bonding strength and a variety of friction and wear properties of the test The The complex scratches are equipped with a variety of modes of scratches testing and with acoustic emission monitoring。 In addition, the system can be equipped with optical microscope and camera, and measurement and analysis software to enhance the test instrument analysis and analysis.

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