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Pin - type friction and wear test machine operation steps

Pin - type friction and wear testing machine

The LTM-200 slurry erosion testing machine in the disc-type friction and wear tester can simulate the actual working conditions such as turbine blades and pump impellers, and intuitively reflects the wear of the material after erosion in different slag The erosion resistance of the material.

The LTM-200 slurry erosion wear tester is easy to operate and has high control precision. The slurry tank is made of 5mm stainless steel and corrosion resistant. The sample tray can hold six samples at a time, and can also be processed according to the user's request. The inverter can adjust the motor spindle speed steplessly.

Technical index of LTM - 200 slurry erosion wear tester in pin - type friction and wear tester

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