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pk拾计划Staff members, guests, friends:

The hopeful 2017 has come. On the occasion of the new Year, I sincerely greet all of you, and on behalf of the Board of directors to a year of hard work of the staff to extend the blessings of the coming years to support my group's development leaders at all levels, new and old guests and the community to express my heartfelt thanks! In 2017, China's economy basically reversed the trend of continuous decline since 2016, maintaining a smooth growth, the 18 session of plenary gave us the confidence to reform and revive the economy. Looking back over the past year, at home and abroad economic situation, especially the situation of the industry has changed significantly, Kaiyuan people defying difficulties and challenges, and actively respond to, and strive to forge ahead, still made encouraging achievements. 2017, keep working hard!

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