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Lanzhou Zhongke Kaihua Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a subordinate company of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAs. Has nearly 50 years engaged in laboratory-specific materials performance testing equipment, testing and teaching equipment research and development, production, sales experience. The company main products have WS-2005 coating adhesion automatic scratch instrument, HT-1000 type high-temperature friction wear tester, reciprocating-synchronous friction and wear tester, wtm-2e-type controllable atmosphere micro-friction and wear tester, high-speed reciprocating, Rotating friction and wear tester, as well as slurry erosion testing machine, such as the surface properties of various materials testing equipment.

Company to Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, the State Key laboratory of solid lubrication, hydroxyl synthesis and selective oxidation state key laboratory and advanced lubrication and protective materials Research and Development center, fine Petrochemical Intermediates Engineering Research Center, such as technical support, with strong professional foundation, advanced technology, Strict quality management and good after-sales service.

"Create high-quality, provide excellent service" is the enterprise's commitment to our customers. Enterprise efforts to provide customers with quality products and services for their own responsibility, welcome people at home and abroad with my company to establish a long-term good business and cooperative relations.

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